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LimeSDR-Mini v1.x Boards

Warning: this documentation is for LimeSDR Mini v1.x boards only. For LimeSDR Mini v2.x boards see the associated documentation.'

The LimeSDR-Mini is low-cost software defined radio board. LimeSDR-Mini development board provides a hardware platform for developing and prototyping high-performance and logic-intensive digital and RF designs using Intel’s MAX 10 FPGA and Lime Microsystems transceiver.

LimeSDR-Mini v1.1 board

LimeSDR-Mini v1.1
LimeSDR-Mini v1.1

Features and Specifications

Feature Description
RF Transceiver Lime Microsystems LMS7002M MIMO FPRF
FPGA Intel MAX 10 (10M16SAU169C8G 169-UBGA)
USB 3.0 controller FTDI FT601
Oscillator Rakon RTX5032A @40.00MHz
Continuous frequency range TBD
Bandwidth TBD
RF connection 2 SMA connectors (1 RX, 1 TX)
Power Output (CW) TBD
Status indicators Programmable LEDs
Dimensions 69mm x 31.4mm

Getting Help

If you have questions, the MyriadRF Discourse is a best place to ask for help.


USB Drivers

Windows only, OSX and Linux users do not need to install drivers for USB support. Follow driver installation instructions in Driver Installation Documentation.


FPGA Binaries

Here are the links to pre-compiled MCU firmware and FPGA gateware (bitstream):

Board Design Files

Here are links to the schematic, PCB project and BOM:

LimeSDR-Mini v1.1

Additional Components

Here is a list of additional components to be used with LimeSDR-Mini board.