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Information and links are provided here that should be useful to those who:

  • have Myriad-RF hardware and would like to get up and running as quickly as possible
  • are considering obtaining Myriad-RF hardware and would like guidance on this

If you are interested in developing hardware and/or software see:

Integrated platforms

Integrated platforms are comprised of an SDR peripheral that features some sort of host computer interface, plus SDR driver software.

The Lime Suite software plus vendor and platform neutral SDR support library, SoapySDR, provides an SDR driver for Myriad-RF integrated (plug & play) platforms.

Lime Suite also serves as a reference implementation and can be used as a starting point for developing drivers for new hardware platforms.

At the present time we provide two integrated SDR platforms:

For hardware details see the above links.

Which should I pick?

LimeSDR and the STREAM+LMS7002M EVB combination are architecturally similar. However, whereas LimeSDR offers a low cost, highly compact solution, the STREAM+LMS7002M EVB combination offers a solution with more peripherals and measurement points, plus greater hardware prototyping flexibility thanks to both RFDIO and FMC expansion.

LimeSDR is aimed more at end users, along with software and solution developers, while STREAM+LMS7002M EVB is aimed more at hardware engineers.

In short: if you are in any way unsure, you almost certainly want LimeSDR hardware.

Lime Suite

Integrated platforms can be used with a vast ecosystem of SDR applications thanks to Lime Suite + SoapySDR, and via these support for the SoapySDR and UHD APIs.

Lime Suite can be obtained via the following methods:

  • Built from source
  • Linux build
    • Package via Ubuntu PPA (deb)
    • Bundled with an application obtained via Ubuntu app store (snap)
  • Mac OS X Homebrew
  • Windows installer (bundled with PothosSDR distribution)

For details see the Lime Suite wiki page.


A page is being put together with a selection of applications that have been verified to work with Myriad-RF integrated platforms:

However, please note that it is still very much early days, this is more of a stub at this point in time and it will be updated in due course. Contributions are welcomed!