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All Myriad-RF software projects are open source and as such, can be used as a starting point and integrated into new projects.

Some useful notes are included here for application developers and those thinking of contributing to Myriad-RF software projects.

Please note that this page is presently a stub and under development.

SDR Drivers

Lime Suite

Lime Suite is the strategic driver solution for integrated LMS7002M-based SDR platforms, such as LimeSDR and STREAM + LMS7002M EVB.

There are plans to add support for LMS6002D-based platforms to Lime Suite, but for the time being support is provided for these via the legacy LMS Suite software.

LMS Suite

LMS Suite is a set of utilities for use with hardware based upon LMS6002D.

The utilities:

  • can be used to calibrate the transceiver;
  • allow configuration of the transceiver plus support devices such as clock generators;
  • provide an FFT display.

LMS Suite was created to support hardware development and prototyping, primarily with the Reference Development Kit.

Novena-RF version

LMS Suite was extended and integrated with SoapySDR to create a version that served as an SDR driver for the Novena-RF platform. The sources can be found on GitHub. However, please note that this project as not been updated for some time. This provides similar functionality to Lime Suite and indeed the aim is to roll Novena-RF support into this once basic support for LMS6002D platforms is in place.

LMS7002M Driver

LMS7002M Driver contains a C driver for control of the LMS7002M transceiver. The driver provides user APIs for tuning frequencies, setting gains, setting filters, setting sample rates, setting stream modes, configuring switches, and calibration. Although this driver can select the streaming mode of the LMS7002M, it does not directly interact with receive or transmit baseband data.

The LMS7002M Driver is targeted mainly at embedded applications and Lime Suite is recommended for more general use.


Users of Lime Suite and the Novena-RF version of LMS Suite are able to make use of the following APIs:

  • SoapySDR
  • UHD

This opens up use with a vast array of SDR ecosystem software, built on top of popular toolkits and frameworks that use direct access via these APIs.

Toolkits & Frameworks

GNU Radio

Support for using Myriad-RF integrated platforms from within GNU Radio is provided via the GrOsmoSDR blocks.


Pothos, a powerful data-flow programming software suite, is supported via SoapySDR.


LuaRadio, the lightweight, embeddable flow graph signal processing framework for software-defined radio, is supported via SoapySDR.


See applications (work in progress).


  • SDR driver and GNU Radio Ubuntu packages are available via the Myriad-RF team PPAs
  • Mac OS X support is available via Homebrew
  • Windows support via the PothosSDR distribution installer

For further details see packaging.