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This is the FAQ for the LMS Suite graphical utilities for Lime Microsystems transceivers.

1 LMS6002D versions

1.1 How can I check SPI connection with Lime GUI?

On GUI click on Tools>> Register Test. If test results are all OK then SPI communication is working fine. If test has not passed please check section “4. Installing and Running PC Software Application” in “LMS6002Dr2-Quick Starter Manual.pdf” document, page 22.

1.2 Why is it that the GUI does not control LMS6002DFN after a while although setup remains the same?

This happens when USB cable is disconnected from the evaluation/interface board while GUI software is still running. Disconnect USB cable from the evaluation/interface board, close the GUI, connect USB cable and start the GUI software again.

1.3 Why I cannot lock the PLL, or why Transmitter frequency is not the same as programmed value?

Please check if your Reference clock is set correctly in the GUI. To check it, click on the tab Options>>Reference Clock. The Reference Clock frequency window will pop-in. Select or type the reference clock frequency. Press OK.

1.4 How can I write register values into a txt file?

LMS6002DFN register setup can be extracted by using the GUI software. Click on File>>Save Registers.

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