LimeSDR Levels Diagnostic

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Diagnosing problems when LimeSDR TX/RX levels are reduced and/or different across A & B channels.

Check list

  1. Are RF matching networks identical?
  2. Are all A and B channel settings identical?
  3. Has any RF matching changes been carried out?
  4. Was proper ESD protection used?

Possible causes

  • 6dB+/-1dB suggests damage to one LNA or TX pin
  • >25dB suggests mechanical failure or catastrophic ESD event
  • General numbers 3-15dB suggest mismatch in GUI settings or RF matching

Note that at higher frequencies, component tolerance on RF matching can cause a small gain mismatch, usually <3dB.

Reporting problems

  1. Clearly state the exact difference in gain in dB and the frequency it was measured at
  2. Provide details, including versions of:
    1. FPGA gateware and FX3 firmware
    2. Lime Suite
    3. Application software
  3. Wherever possible supply a Lime Suite .ini file