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LimeSDR-Core SDR

1 LimeSDR-Core SDR Board

Software defined radio (SDR) and flexible RF front end– LimeNET CrowdCell builds upon the ground-breaking LimeSDR software-defined radio technology to deliver an app-enabled path covering any standard from IoT to 5G. Use of Limes SDR platform provides the most flexible radio hardware solution that enables LimeNET CrowdCell to be setup in numerous varieties of small-cell configurations. Thus, it is an on-demand network solution, where services could easily shift to data, voice, IoT or any other Telco centric services. LimeNET CrowdCell comes pre-equipped with a flexible front-end module that provides signal duplexing, filtering and amplification.

This wiki page considers LimeSDR-Core SDR board, while RF front end will be described separately.

2 Features and Specifications

Feature Description
RF Transceiver Lime Microsystems LMS7002M MIMO FPRF
FPGA Intel (Altera) Cyclone IV (EP4CE40F23C8N)
Memory 256 MBytes DDR2 SDRAM
USB 3.0 controller Cypress FX3 (CYUSB3014)
RF frequency range1 10 MHz – 3.8 GHz
Bandwidth up to 61.44 MHz
RF connectors Four MCX connectors (2 TX and 2 RX)
Power Output1 up to 0 dBm
LTE band support All bands up to 3.8 GHz
MIMO 2 x 2
Dimensions without connectors 125mm x 65mm

1 LTE modulated output

* Customers are reminded that any equipment that transmits wireless signals needs to comply with the relevant regulations for that region. This may require that the final equipment is submitted for testing and verification.

3 Getting Help

If you have questions, the MyriadRF Discourse is a best place to ask for help.

4 Documentation

5 Board Design Files

Here are links to the schematic, PCB project and BOM:

LimeSDR-Core SDR v1.1 Schematic (PDF)