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Accessing the LimeNET store


Systems running Ubuntu version 16.04 and later will already have snapd installed. With previous versions of Ubuntu this will need to be installed and support is also provided for many other Linux distributions.


An environment variable needs to be set to point snapd at the LimeNET store. This can be done by editing /etc/environment and adding:


Packaging snaps

See Snap Packaging.

Uploading snaps

Creating a SSO account

To publish snaps to the Ubuntu Store you will need to create an account on

Please, make sure you have your email address verified.

Login to ​ [1] ​ as the user created in the step above. This is your developer portal where you can customize how your snaps are presented, review your uploads, and control publishing.

Once you log in, go to ​ your account details page ​ to accept the terms and conditions.

You’ll need to choose a unique “developer namespace” as part of the account creation process. This name will be visible by users and associated with your published snaps. Once you have active packages in the store, this namespace cannot be changed.

Once you’ve confirmed your account, you’re ready to start pushing your snaps to the Store.

Publishing snaps

Selecting the LimeNET Store

Before uploading any snaps to the store we will need to switch to the LimeNET store.

  1. Go to the available stores in your account at [2].
  2. Select LimeNET from the list of available stores.
  3. The icon on the top left will change to Ubuntu LimeNET

Reserving a name for a snap

Before uploading your snap you will need to register a name in the store for it.

To register your snap name click on ​ New Snap ​ at the top of the Store.

Once you register a name in the store, you will be the only developer able to use this name in the store. Note that the store allows you to share snaps management (push and release) with other developers on a per-snap basis.

Uploading a snap

Before you upload your snap, have a quick look at your snapcraft.yaml file again. Two settings (grade and confinement) will define which ​ ​channels ​ you can release your snap to.

confinement:strict confinement:devmode
grade:stable all channels beta and edge only
grade:devel beta and edge only beta and edge only

It’s worth noting that the user of your snaps will have to use --devmode to install a snap using confinement: devmode. This means that they have to willingly accept that the snap is breaking out of confinement.

On the upload snap page, you will be presented with a list of channels to publish your snap to. You should also select the license for your application. For series, just select 16.

Review by Lime Micro is required for publishing applications and you will receive an email with notification of this.

Once a member of the LimeNET reviewers team has approved your upload, or if your application was automatically approved, you will get an email announcing that the snap is ready to be published.

Publishing your snap

Uploading a snap doesn’t make it immediately available for installation. You have to explicitly publish it to make it available.

Click on “Publish your application” and add some metadata to it:

After editing the mandatory metadata, click again on “Publish your application” to finish to make it available in the store.