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Reference Development Kit

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The Reference Development Kit is comprised of three individual hardware devices: the Myriad-RF 1, the DE0-Nano Interface Board, and the Zipper Interface Board. The Myriad-RF 1 communicates with one of these two boards via the Radio Frequency Digital Input Output (RFDIO) interface.

1 Myriad-RF 1

The Myriad-RF 1 is a low cost universal radio development platform, based on flexible, multi standard LMS6002DFN transceiver and Altera FPGA module. It enables developers to implement their products for a wide variety of wireless communication applications efficiently. It is designed to be used with either the Digital Interface Board or the Zipper Interface Adapter.

2 DE0-Nano Interface Board

The DE0-Nano Interface Board allows the Myriad-RF 1 to be connected to the DE0-Nano FPGA Development System, adding radio functionality to the system.

3 Zipper Interface Board

The Zipper Interface Board allows the Myriad-RF 1 to be connected to any FPGA development system supporting the High-Speed Mezzanine Card (HSMC) or FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) standards, adding radio functionality to the system.

4 RFDIO Interface

The RFDIO Interface provides high-speed connectivity to FPGA-based carrier boards, including the Digital Interface Board and the Zipper Interface Board of the Reference Development Kit. It is based on the Hirose 0.5mm-pitch, 80-position surface-mount connector, and ensures interoperability between carrier boards and RF cards.

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