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The pyLMS7002M Python package is platform-independent, and is intended for fast prototyping and algorithm development. It provides low level register access and high level convenience functions for controlling the LMS7002M chip and evaluation boards. Supported evaluation boards are:

  • LMS7002_EVB
  • LimeSDR

The package consists of Python classes which correspond to physical or logical entities. For example, each module of LMS7002M (AFE, SXT, TRF, ...) is a class. The LMS7002M chip is also a class containing instances of on-chip modules. The evaluation board class contains instances of on-board chips, such as LMS7002, ADF4002, etc. Classes follow the hierarchy and logical organization from evaluation board down to on-chip register level.


The pyLMS7002M package is installed in a usual way:

 python setup.py install

Module installation can be verified from Python:

 >>> from pyLMS7002M import *

If there is no error, the module is correctly installed.