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LimeSDR-PCIe v1.2 hardware description

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1 Introduction

LimeSDR-PCIe is low-cost software defined radio board based on Lime LMS7002M Field Programmable Radio Frequency (FPRF) transceiver and Altera Cyclone IV GX PFGA, through which apps can be programmed to support any type of wireless standard, e.g. UMTS, LTE, LoRa, GPS, WiFi, Zigbee, RFID, Digital Broadcasting, Radar and many more.

2 Complete Development Kit Package

The LimeSDR-PCIe v1.2 board from full package showed in Figure 1.

Figure x. LimeSDR-PCIe v1.2

Development kit content:

  • LimeSDR-PCIe v1.2 board
  • USB stick containing following files:
    • Doc/ - Documentation files for LimeSDR-PCIe
    • Drivers/ - Windows drivers for LimeSDR-PCIe
    • Gateware/ - FPGA gateware related files for LimeSDR-PCIe v1.2
    • Gui/ - LimeSuiteGUI software and related files