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(Additional Components)
(Additional Components)
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* Tested fans:
* Tested fans:
** [http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/sunon-fans/MC30060V1-000U-A99/259-1545-ND/2757809 MC30060V1-000U-A99]
** [http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/sunon-fans/MC30060V1-000U-A99/259-1545-ND/2757809 MC30060V1-000U-A99]
** [https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/sunon-fans/MC30060V2-000U-A99/259-1572-ND/2757810 MC30060V2-000U-A99] (prefered choise)
** [http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/sunon-fans/MC30060V2-000U-A99/259-1572-ND/2757810 MC30060V2-000U-A99] (prefered choise)

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1 LimeSDR-Mini Boards

The LimeSDR-Mini is low-cost software defined radio board. LimeSDR-Mini development board provides a hardware platform for developing and prototyping high-performance and logic-intensive digital and RF designs using Intel’s MAX 10 FPGA and Lime Microsystems transceiver.

LimeSDR-Mini v1.1 board

LimeSDR-Mini v1.1

2 Features and Specifications

Feature Description
RF Transceiver Lime Microsystems LMS7002M MIMO FPRF
FPGA Intel MAX 10 (10M16SAU169C8G 169-UBGA)
USB 3.0 controller FTDI FT601
Oscillator Rakon RTX5032A @40.00MHz
Continuous frequency range TBD
Bandwidth TBD
RF connection 2 SMA connectors (1 RX, 1 TX)
Power Output (CW) TBD
Status indicators Programmable LEDs
Dimensions 69mm x 31.4mm

3 Getting Help

If you have questions, the MyriadRF Discourse is a best place to ask for help.

4 Documentation

5 USB Drivers

Windows only, OSX and Linux users do not need to install drivers for USB support. Follow driver installation instructions in Driver Installation Documentation.

6 Software

7 FPGA Binaries

Here are the links to pre-compiled MCU firmware and FPGA gateware (bitstream):

8 Board Design Files

Here are links to the schematic, PCB project and BOM:

LimeSDR-Mini v1.1

9 Additional Components

Here is a list of additional components to be used with LimeSDR-Mini board.