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1 Introduction

A return merchandise authorisation (RMA) is required in order to return a product for replacement. However, prior to starting the process, please ensure that an engineer has confirmed that the hardware is indeed faulty and that a valid warranty is in place.

2 Diagnosis

Support is provided via the MyriadRF forums and all other remedies must have been exhausted before RMA will be arranged.

RMA requires that a link be provided to a forum post in which a Lime Microsystems engineer confirms that the hardware is faulty.

3 Warranty

Details of the Standard Warranty can be found below. However, the warranty provided may vary according to the sales channel and whenever there is any uncertainty, please contact the distributor to confirm warranty details. This will typically require an order number to be provided.

Please note that where Lime Microsystems products are integrated by third parties as part of their own solutions, the warranty will typically be provided by the third party.

3.1 Standard Warranty

A 3 months limited warranty is provided.

If there has been a failure within three months of receipt of the the product and we can ascertain that it was not through mishandling or misuse, hardware will be replaced.

4 Process

The RMA process is as follows:

  1. Engineer diagnosis that the hardware is faulty.
  2. Confirm that there is a valid warranty in place.
  3. Submit an RMA request.
  4. Provide any additional information as required.
  5. Return hardware as instructed.

Please note that RMA requests which do not meet the aforementioned criteria will be rejected.

5 Authorisation

6 Request Form