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|RF Bandwidth (BW)
|RF Bandwidth (BW)

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1 About

Parallella-RF circuit plot

The Parallella-RF module is based on the original Myriad-RF 1 design and has been adapted for use with the Parallella many-core computing platform. Hardware has not been manufactured as yet; interest in a manufacturing run is being gauged via an online poll.

2 Specifications

Transceiver LMS6002D
RF Bandwidth (BW) 300 MHz to 3800 MHz
Baseband Bandwidth (BW) Programmable (16 selections:; 0.75 – 14 MHz, Bypass mode
Clock TCXO
RF Connectors SMA

3 Licensing

3.1 Hardware

The hardware designs are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported licence.

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