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-- This module contains the blacklist used by [[Module:Category handler]]. -- Pages that match Lua patterns in this list will not be categorised unless -- categorisation is explicitly requested. return { '^Main Page$', -- don't categorise the main page. -- Don't categorise the following pages or their subpages. -- "%f[/\0]" matches if the next character is "/" or the end of the string. '^Wikipedia:Cascade%-protected items%f[/\0]', '^User:UBX%f[/\0]', -- The userbox "template" space. '^User talk:UBX%f[/\0]', -- Don't categorise subpages of these pages, but allow -- categorisation of the base page. '^Wikipedia:Template messages/.*$', '/[aA]rchive' -- Don't categorise archives. }