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DE0-Nano Interface Board

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1 About

The DE0-Nano Interface Board, also known as the Digital Interface Board, allows the Myriad-RF 1 to be paired with the DE0-Nano FPGA Development System through the RFDIO Interface. The DE0-Nano Interface Board acts as a motherboard for the Myriad-RF 1 and the DE0-Nano FPGA Development System, mating the two together with a high-speed interface. The DE0-Nano Interface Board is not designed for use with any other FPGA development system; for other development systems, the Zipper Interface Board should be used instead.

2 Images

3 Connections

The DE0-Nano Interface Board features numerous on-board connections, in addition to those available on the Myriad-RF 1 and DE0-Nano themselves. A full list of available connections is available on the page DE0-Nano Interface Board Connections.

4 Schematics

Full schematics for the DE0-Nano Interface Board can be accessed on the Reference Development Kit GitHub Repository in PDF format.

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