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CrowdCell Summit

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1 Background

CrowdCell is a 4G relay concept, whereby an intermediate “Crowd” enabled device relays traffic between a customer UE and the macro cellular network. Its main benefit is to be a rapid and low cost small cell solution, thanks to its Plug-and-Play (P&P) concept by means of using the available 4G coverage.

The CrowdCell Project Group operates under the auspices of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP). The initiative was founded and is being lead by Vodafone and Lime Microsystems, but participation is open to all and there is a low barrier to entry, thanks to use of commodity hardware and open source technology.

2 Annual summit

The CrowdCell Summit is an annual event that will be hosted La Nave in Madrid, Spain.

The first summit will take place over the weekend of 2nd and 3rd March 2019, shortly after Mobile World Congress.

2.1 Hackathon

A hackathon will feature as a key part of the summit. Details TBC.

2.2 Programme and registration

Further details will be provided here in due course.

3 Questions

Any questions and feedback should be directed to the forum.