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Contributor Guidelines

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New contributors and project proposals are welcomed.

As can be seen at this point the guidelines are fairly minimal! However, there are plans to develop these in due course and if you are interested in contributing to this effort, please introduce yourself via the Governance Forum.

1 Contributing to existing projects

Those interested in contributing to an existing project should introduce themselves via the associated discussion forum.

2 New project proposals

Please note that these guidelines are very much a work in progress.

2.1 Scope

Our primary focus is SDR hardware and associated software, but additional areas that may be considered to be a good fit include:

  • Designs for RF components such as amplifiers and filters;
  • RF component footprint libraries.

2.2 Licensing

It goes without saying that projects must use recognised open source licences.

In general we favour:

  • Creative Commons Attribution for hardware designs
  • Apache 2.0 for software.

However, we are not closed to projects which propose to use other licences.

2.3 Submission

Proposals should be sent in the first instance to Andrew Back.

2.4 Review process

This will take the form of a discussion and we will be as open and transparent as we can.

Formal process TBD and we welcome suggestions!